Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer Screening and GI Diagnosis

Colonoscopy is the key to defending against colon cancer, a highly preventable disease. It also is one of the diagnostic procedures that the experts at Palmadessa and Brodsky Associates use to determine the cause of symptoms including abdominal or rectal bleeding, pain, and diarrhea. This painless procedure can be used to identify GI conditions so that you can begin the proper course of treatment and begin feeling better.

Expert Colonoscopy Services in Queens NY

During a colonoscopy, the doctor can see inside your lower digestive tract, finding the source of unexplained weight loss, changes in bowel activity, and pain or discomfort. A tiny camera on the end of a long, flexible colonoscope allows for examination of the lining of the colon, transmitting images to a monitor. This safe procedure can reveal conditions including ulcers, abnormal growths, and inflamed tissue that may require treatment. Biopsy of tissue that is questionable can determine whether an area is cancerous.

As a preventative measure, colonoscopy can be used to screen for colon cancer. At our state of the art facility in Queens, NY, we utilize this procedure for diagnosis and prevention. Early detection is key to defending against this highly preventable disease. Everyone should be screened beginning at age 50, or 40 if they are at risk or have a family history of colorectal cancer.

If you are experiencing uncomfortable GI symptoms, have concerns about your health, or want to meet with a GI doctor, or want to discuss colorectal cancer screening, call or email us to schedule an appointment today, and get ready to start feeling great, inside and out. We serve patients close by in New Hyde Park, Laurelton, and all surrounding New York areas near you.

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