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Most gastroenterologists agree that adults over the age of 45 should get periodic colonoscopies. In the experience of Palmadessa & Brodsky’s team of board-certified physicians, patients tend to have mixed feelings and concerns around colonoscopies. The truth is, this minimally invasive procedure is the most effective way to prevent and treat a broad swath of GI issues that trouble many Americans. The GI experts at Palmadessa & Brodsky excel in administering colonoscopies with precision, care, and dignity. Schedule your colonoscopy today and bid farewell to GI conditions.

Common GI Diseases Diagnosed & Treated With Colonoscopies

In most cases of common diseases that impact the lower digestive tract, colonoscopies are the first line of defense in prevention and treatment. This goes for many disorders.

  • Studies show that 1 in 20 Americans will develop colon cancer at some point in their adult lives
  • This is why it’s so important to get on top of your GI health early and start getting colonoscopies when you turn 45
  • Precancerous polyps are also quite common and can become malignant if left undetected
  • GI doctors at Palmadessa & Brodsky in Whitestone can remove polyps found during the colonoscopy procedure
  • Colitis and diverticulitis are different disorders in that they involve inflammation or infection in the lower GI tract
  • Colonoscopies can detect both conditions, and allow doctors to administer treatment accordingly
  • IBS is common and affects about 10-15% of patients
  • Colonoscopies can also detect this condition

While highly treatable, these conditions can worsen when left undetected. Give yourself some peace of mind and a free bill of health. Contact Palmadessa & Brodsky today.

Colonoscopy Prep with Palmadessa & Brodsky in Whitestone, Queens

Having successfully treated countless cases, we realize patients tend to be confused about colonoscopy prep. Fortunately, preparing oneself for the procedure is very straightforward. It only requires that patients clear their lower digestive system of any residue, or feces in order to maximize visibility during the procedure. The following is a good quick guide:
Abstain from consuming solid food as much as possible in the 24 hours leading to the procedure. Patients can eat:

  • Clear broth
  • Dye-free Jell-O
  • Clear juices
  • Coffee or tea without milk
  • The night before, patients should drink 8 ounces of liquid laxatives to induce bowel clearing diarrhea
  • The laxative will be prescribed by your gastro doctor before the procedure
  • Patients should repeat that process 4-6 hours before the procedure itself

These steps will ensure that the digestive tract is cleared and afford your gastro doctor maximum visibility.

The Many Health Benefits of Regular Colonoscopies in Whitestone, Queens

Patients have a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to this sensitive but necessary procedure. How long does the procedure take? How long will it take me to recover? What side effects can I expect to see? How old should I be when I start getting colonoscopies? The more questions patients have, the more likely they are to put off getting a colonoscopy. The truth is that the procedure can only improve your health, and has few downsides. Generally speaking, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

  • Extremely low risk
  • Less than 2 in every 1000 colonoscopies result in complications. That’s less than .02%
  • Best means of detecting and preventing colon cancer
  • Limited side effects
  • Patients may experience mild pain, and blood in the stool in the days following. Both are easily managed with rest and painkillers. If the problem persists longer than a few days, contact your GI doctor
  • Colonoscopies take 20-30 minutes
  • Tissue can be biopsied and further examined for more precise diagnosis

Cancer Screenings And More With Palmadessa & Brodsky

Palmadessa & Brodsky colonoscopies are fast, minimally invasive, dignified, and covered by most major health plans. In short, patients have very little to lose, and a lot of peace of mind to gain by getting their GI tracts examined in Whitestone, Queens. Schedule your appointment today.

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