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If you’re like many Palmadessa & Brodsky patients, you may have some mixed feelings and reservations about colonoscopies. But the truth is that colonoscopies are the most effective way for gastroenterologists to detect and treat a broad swath of GI conditions.

Palmadessa & Brodsky’s board-certified physicians are experts at preventing and treating colon cancer, precancerous polyps, IBS, and many other diseases. Schedule a colonoscopy at Palmadessa & Brodsky in St. Albans Queens today.

Common Diseases Detected and Treated Through Colonoscopies

A colonoscopy is an exhaustive and effective means of treating GI diseases that involve a gastroenterologist moving a colonoscope through the patient’s rectum, colon, and small intestine. If you’re over the age of 45, a colonoscopy will detect the following conditions:

  • Colon Cancer, which is suffered by 1 in 20 Americans
  • Noncancerous Polyps, which are small and benign but can grow toward malignancy if left undetected
  • Colitis and diverticulitis, which are different disorders that they involve inflammation or infection at various points along the GI tract.
  • IBS, which is characterized by sporadic bowel activity, can cause abdominal pain and is suffered by 10-15% of Americans

These conditions are common and uncomfortable, but very treatable. Take the first step towards treatment with a Palmadessa & Brodsky colonoscopy, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a free bill of health.

The Many Benefits of Colonoscopies with Palmadessa & Brodsky in St. Albans Queens

You probably have countless questions about this essential procedure. How long do colonoscopies take? How often should I get a colonoscopy? What’s the right age to get a colonoscopy? How long will recovery take? Taken together, these questions can be sources of stress for patients and may make put off scheduling your colonoscopy, but this procedure can only improve your health. In short, the pros of getting a colonoscopy greatly outweigh the cons.

  • Colonoscopies are extremely effective and thorough diagnostic tools for most common GI conditions
  • Colonoscopy procedures are extremely safe and have very few risks
  • Less than 2 in every 1000 colonoscopies result in serious complications – less than .02%
  • Colonoscopies are the best way to detect colon cancer
  • Colonoscopies give doctors the ability to remove precancerous polyps, which are a leading cause of colon cancer.
  • Tissue biopsies can be taken and used to produce more precise diagnoses

Prepping For a Colonoscopy With Palmadessa & Brodsky

The process of prepping for a colonoscopy involves clearing the GI tract to maximize visibility throughout the procedure. This will allow the doctor to see more clearly with the colonoscope, and to render a more precise diagnosis.
Limit your consumption of solid foods as much as possible starting 24 hours before your procedure. Things you’re allowed to eat include:

  • Clear broth
  • Color-free Jell-O
  • Clear juices
  • Coffee or tea without milk

Your doctor will likely prescribe you a large quantity of liquid laxative in order to induce bowel-clearing diarrhea. Be sure to drink 8 ounces the night before to flush your system out. Repeat this process 6 hours prior to the procedure to ensure that no stool is present in your colon during your colonoscopy.

Screen for Colon Cancer and Other GI Issues With Palmadessa & Brodsky

Colonoscopies are essential for all adults over the age of 45 in order to maintain gastrointestinal health. They are especially essential for people with a family history of colon cancer. If you live in St. Albans Queens, Palmadessa & Brodsky’s team of board-certified gastro doctors will handle this sensitive procedure with an unprecedented level of care and dignity. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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