Quick and Easy Colonoscopies in Queens, NY

If you live in Queens, NY and are over the age of 45, you have probably been told to get a colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are the most effective way for gastroenterologists to diagnose and treat most GI conditions. Palmadessa & Brodsky’s board-certified physicians are Queen’s leading experts at performing thorough and dignified colonoscopies. Schedule your procedure with Palmadessa & Brodsky in Queens today.

Palmadessa & Brodsky Treat GI Conditions Through Colonoscopies

Once a patient turns 45, most gastroenterologists agree that it’s time to start periodically getting colonoscopies. Given how common GI conditions like colon cancer, colitis, diverticulitis, and IBS are among adults, their reason for recommending colonoscopies are clear. Here are some basic facts about common GI disorders:

  • Colon cancer affects 1 in 20 Americans
  • Precancerous polyps are also quite common in American adults
  • These benign tumors can become malignant if left undetected
  • Colitis and diverticulitis are similar diseases that cause inflammation at various points in the GI tract
  • IBS impacts roughly 1 in 20 American adults

What Health Benefits Can I Expect From Colonoscopies?

Even with all the gastro resources online, colonoscopies tend to be shrouded in mystery. Many questions in the minds of American adults remain unanswered. How long do colonoscopies generally take? What can I expect during recovery? When should I start getting colonoscopies? As more questions like this pop up for patients, they become more likely to procrastinate scheduling a colonoscopy. The truth is that colonoscopies can only improve your health, and have very few downsides. The pros most definitely outweigh the cons.

  • The risk is low and complications are extremely rare
  • Less than 2 in 1000 colonoscopies result in serious complications – that’s less than .02%
  • You may experience some mild pain in the days following. This can be managed with pain killers
  • Colonoscopy procedures are the most thorough way to test for colon cancer
  • If polyps are found during colonoscopies, they can easily be removed
  • Colonoscopies are short, rarely lasting longer than 50 minutes
  • Tissue can be biopsied during colonoscopies and used to provide more thorough diagnoses

Prepping For A Colonoscopy With Palmadessa & Brodsky

Colonoscopy prep is simple and requires patients to clear their digestive tracts 24 hours in advance of the procedure. The steps are as follows:

  • For 24 hours before the procedure, abstain from consuming solid food if possible
  • Patients are told not to eat solid food. You are allowed to have a clear broth, dye-free Jell-O, or coffee or tea without milk and juices.
  • Drink liquid laxatives the night before to clear out your GI tract
  • Repeat the process 4-6 hours before the procedure. This is to clear out of all feces, residue, and anything else that can obscure the colonoscope’s view.

Schedule You Colonoscopy With Palmadessa & Brodsky Today!

At Palmadessa & Brodsky, colonoscopies are quick, easy, dignified, and provide invaluable health benefits. Performed in our top-of-the-line office, Palmadessa & Brodsky’s experienced staff can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re over 45 and living in Queens, NY, schedule your colonoscopy with Palmadessa & Brodsky today.

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