Top-Rated Colonoscopies in Little Neck, NY

If you’re living in Brooklyn or Queens, your healthcare provider will recommend a colonoscopy once you reach the age of 45. Though you may have mixed feelings and concerns, a colonoscopy is the most effective way for a gastroenterologist to detect and treat various GI diseases.

At Palmadessa & Brodsky, our board-certified physicians are experts at detecting and preventing troublesome GI diseases through successfully executed colonoscopies. Schedule a colonoscopy today, and get ready to bid farewell to GI diseases.

A Colonoscopy Identifies Common Colon Diseases

Widely recommended by countless healthcare providers, a colonoscopy is critical for all adults over the age of 45. A colonoscopy is the first line of detection for most common GI conditions and diseases.

  • 1 in 20 Americans develop colon cancer
  • Polyps: small benign tumors that can become malignant if left undetected
  • Colitis: inflammation of the lining of the colon
  • Diverticulitis: inflammation or infection of a small pouch in the digestive tract

While these conditions and diseases are all treatable, untreated conditions can worsen over time. Call Palmadessa & Brodsky in Little Neck to schedule a colonoscopy procedure today.

Schedule a Colonoscopy and Reap the Health Benefits

You’re probably overloaded with questions about this essential health procedure. How long does a colonoscopy take, and how long is the recovery time? What does colonoscopy recovery look like? What should I eat after a colonoscopy? How frequently should one get a colonoscopy? What’s the right colonoscopy age? The list goes on. It’s easy to put off having your colonoscopy, but this procedure can only improve your health and has very few downsides. In short, the pros of getting a colonoscopy greatly outweigh any cons.

  • The best way to detect colon cancer
  • Allows colonoscopy doctors to discover and remove precancerous polyps
  • Colonoscopy tests are the most effective diagnostic tool for a broad swath of GI issues
  • Very few colonoscopy risks
  • Recommended by doctors for all adults over the age of 45
  • Minimal colonoscopy side effects
  • Tissue biopsies can be taken during colonoscopies, resulting in more precise diagnoses
  • Covered by all insurance plans

Colonoscopy Prep with Palmadessa & Brodsky in Little Neck, NY

Colonoscopy prep is rather straightforward. Patients must avoid eating solid foods for 24 hours beforehand, and must use laxatives to purge their digestive tract the night before the procedure is scheduled. The actual procedure requires patients to rest on their side while the doctor performing the colonoscopy moves a colonoscope through the patient’s large intestine. The board-certified doctors at Palmadessa & Brodsky will then perform a thorough search for polyps, abscesses, tumors, and other abnormalities.

Colonoscopy Screenings Near You – How Palmadessa & Brodsky Gastro Can Help

Colonoscopies are minimally invasive, quick, affordable, and great for detecting and resolving GI issues. They are especially essential for people who have a family history of colon cancer.

If you’re over 45 and living in the Little Neck area, Palmadessa & Brodsky’s leading team of board-certified gastroenterologists will handle this sensitive procedure with care, precision, and dignity. Schedule your colonoscopy with Palmadessa & Brodsky today.

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