Scheduling a Colonoscopy in Jamaica, Queens with Palmadessa & Brodsky

If you live in Jamaica Queens and are over the age of 45, your primary healthcare provider will advise you to get a colonoscopy. Palmadessa & Brodsky’s leading team of board-certified gastroenterologists throughout Brooklyn and Queens are on hand to perform this procedure with care, precision, and dignity. Colonoscopies remain the most effective means for diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of common GI conditions. Schedule your procedure with Palmadessa & Brodsky in Jamaica, Queens

GI Diseases Discovered and Treated During Colonoscopies

Most healthcare providers would agree that all adults should get regular colonoscopies after they turn 45. This makes sense given how common diseases like colon cancer, colitis, IBS, Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis are in the general population. Here are some basic facts about common GI disorders:

  • 1 in 20 American adults will develop colon cancer at some point in their lives
  • Most colon cancer is caused by polyps in the colon and rectum – precancerous polyps are benign tumors that can become malignant if left undetected and untreated
  • Colitis and Diverticulitis are different diseases that cause inflammation or infection at various points in the GI tract

Health Benefits Abound From Colonoscopies With Palmadessa & Brodsky

You’re likely to have many questions before going in for this procedure. How long does it take to recover from a colonoscopy? Is it going to hurt? How old should I be when I start getting colonoscopies? How long will it take? How long will I be out? The more questions pile up, the easier it can be to put off scheduling this critical procedure. The truth is, colonoscopies can only improve your health and have very few downsides. The pros most definitely outweigh the cons.

  • Colonoscopy screenings are extremely low risk and have very few side effects
  • 2 in 1000 colonoscopies result in complications. That’s less than .02%
  • Side effects are usually limited to blood in the stool if gastro doctor removes a polyp, and mild pain. Both are temporary, and manageable with pain killers
  • Colonoscopies are the best way to screen for cancer
  • Gastro doctors can remove precancerous polyps during colonoscopies
  • Colonoscopies rarely last longer than 30minutes, they typically last 20 minutes
  • Tissue biopsies can be taken during colonoscopies, resulting in more precise diagnoses

Stress-Free Colonoscopy Prep with Palmadessa & Brodsky in Jamaica, Queens

Many patients get nervous about colonoscopy prep. At Palmadessa & Brodsky, prep for cancer screenings and other colonoscopy treatments is very simple and involves clearing the digestive tract to maximize visibility during the procedure.

  • Don’t eat solid food for 24 hours in advance
  • You can consume broth, other clear liquids, and food-dye free Jell-O
  • Before you go to bed on the night before the procedure, drink a 8 ounces of liquid laxatives to induce bowel clearing diarrhea
  • This process is to be repeated the next day 6 hours before the procedure.

Jamaica Queens Cancer Screenings with Palmadessa & Brodsky

Colonoscopies at Palmadessa & Brodsky are efficient, expertly executed, and covered by most major health plans. You have nothing to lose and everything, including peace of mind, to gain. If you’re over 45and living in the Jamaica area, schedule your appointment today.

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