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If you’re over the age of 45, most gastroenterologist would advise you to get a colonoscopy. Though you may have some mixed feelings and concerns, the truth is that colonoscopy procedures are the most effective way to detect and treat various GI diseases.

Palmadessa & Brodsky’s board-certified gastro docs are experts in the practice of detecting, preventing, and treating GI diseases through colonoscopies. If you live in Douglaston Long Island and are over the age of 45, schedule a colonoscopy with Palmadessa & Brodsky today.

Common GI Issues Prevented by Colonoscopies

Colonoscopies remain the most effective means for identifying and treating a broad swath of gastrointestinal ailments. In the case of many common diseases such as colon cancer, colitis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and more, a colonoscopy is a gastro doc’s first line of defense. Here are some basic facts about common GI issues and colonoscopies.

  • Colon cancer will affect 1 in 20 Americans during their adult lives
  • Polyps are small benign tumors in the colon that can become cancerous if left undetected and un treated
  • Colitis is characterized by inflammation in the colon’s lining
  • Diverticulitis also causes inflammation in the colon and elsewhere in the GI tract
  • Colonoscopies detect and treat colon cancer, noncancerous polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other GI conditions
  • Colonoscopies rarely take longer than 45 minutes. Most take about 30.

Colonoscopy Preparation – What to do 24 Hours Before Your Colonoscopy Procedure

The goal of colonoscopy prep is simple: patients are meant to spend the 24 hours preceding their colonoscopies clearing their digestive tracts. Ensuring that there are no feces or residue in the colon and large intestine will allow the gastro doc maximum visibility, and therefore a more precise diagnosis. These are the basics you should know going into your colonoscopy procedure.

  • Abstain from eating solid food for 24 hours before your colonoscopy
    • You can consume clear liquids such as broth, or eat food-dye free jello
  • The night before your procedure, you should consume half a gallon of liquid laxatives as prescribed by your Palmadessa & Brodsky gastro doc to induce bowel clearing diarrhea.
  • 6 hours before your procedure, you consumer another half-gallon of liquid laxative to really make sure your system is cleared.

Again, the preparatory process for a colonoscopy is designed to maximize visibility for the colonoscope and the doctor.

Common Colonoscopy Quesitons, Concerns, and Benefits

It’s understandable to have some reservations about getting a colonoscopy procedure.  Afterall, it’s a sensitive subject to discuss and is consequently easy to put off scheduling. How long does a colonoscopy take? How often should I get one? What does recovery look like? What should I eat after a colonoscopy? The questions go on, and can be a source of stress for patients. But colonoscopies are minimally invasive and routine procedures that can only improve your health. In short, the pros of getting a colonoscopy greatly outweigh any cons.


  • Only takes 30-45 minutes
  • Remains the most effective diagnostic tool for colon cancer and other GI diseases
  • Complicaitons are incredibly rare, occurring with only 2 in every 1000 colonoscopies. That’s .02%.
  • Colonoscopy side effects are few and far between
    • Patients may experience some mild pain in the days following. It is easily managed by painkillers
  • Tissue biopsies can be taken during colonoscopies, resulting in more precise diagnoses
  • Colonoscopies only need to be underwent once every 5 years (in most cases)
  • GI doctors can remove precancerous polyps during the procedure, nipping potential cancer risks in the bud

Colonoscopy Procedures with Palmadessa & Brodsky’s Leading Physicians

Colonoscopies become a normal part of adult life after the age of 45. They remain the most effective tool at the disposal of GI docs for uncovering, treating, and preventing common GI diseases like colon cancer.

Palmadessa & Brodsky’s team of board-certified physicians will handle this procedure with care, precision, and dignity. Schedule your colonoscopy in Douglaston Long Island today.

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