Providing Advanced Treatment for Hepatitis

Like the upper and lower GI tract, the liver is critical to overall health and well-being. The liver detoxifies poisonous chemicals, manufactures proteins and clotting-factors, and processes all the food that we eat. Hepatitis B and C are both serious illness-causing viruses found worldwide. Presently 1.25 million Americans are chronically infected by Hepatitis B, including many citizens from Asia, the Far East and Africa. Hepatitis B exhibits no initial symptoms, making early diagnosis and treatment critically important. Without treatment, Hepatitis B can lead to liver cancer, or cirrhosis requiring liver transplantation. Fortunately, curative treatment for Hepatitis B is readily available in a daily pill form. The liver disease experts at Palmadessa and Brodsky Gastroenterology Associates provide expert management and treatment of Hepatitis B.

A New, More Effective Therapy for Hepatitis C

The United States is currently in the midst of a Hepatitis C epidemic, with an estimated 3.2 million people infected, the vast majority of them unaware of their illness. The earlier an infection is diagnosed and treated, the less likely that liver damage or other symptoms of hepatitis will occur. Those at risk for Hepatitis C include persons who have injected or snorted illicit drugs (even just one time!), those on long-term dialysis, recipients of transfusions prior to 1991, and individuals with multiple sexual partners who don’t practice “safe sex.” Until late 2013, treatment for Hepatitis C was a challenging 24 to 48 week regimen of weekly injections of interferon combined with one or two medications taken orally. But with several newly approved drugs, a new era in treatment of Hepatitis C infection is at hand. These regimens are much more effective at curing hepatitis with a shortened treatment course of 12 weeks. Dr. Brodsky can best utilize his advanced training in liver diseases to lead you on the path of curative treatment of your Hepatitis C!

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