Getting Help for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are enlarged, or varicose veins that occur in the rectum or on the anus. The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding, seen as bright red blood on the stool, toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. Affecting an estimated 10 million Americans, hemorrhoids can be caused by straining at bowel movements, sitting too long on the toilet, or from obesity, pregnancy or liver disease. By age 50, about half of all people have hemorrhoids. Usually hemorrhoids cause no complications, but they can itch and cause pain, and an internal hemorrhoid can protrude through the anus and become painful or irritated. Fortunately, hemorrhoids are easily treatable. Palmadessa & Brodsky Gastroenterology Associates provides hemorrhoid treatment for patients from throughout Queens, including Whitestone, St. Albans, College Point, and beyond at our advanced endoscopy center.

State-of-the-Art Hemorrhoid Treatments

The characteristic rectal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids can also occur in more serious GI conditions such as colorectal cancer. A rectal exam in combination with a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy can identify the cause of the bleeding and confirm a diagnosis of hemorrhoids. A number of painless endoscopic procedures are available to treat the condition, but the simplest therapy consists of diet modification. A high-fiber diet can alleviate painful hemorrhoids by making it easier to pass the stool. Over-the-counter stool softeners, suppositories and analgesic hemorrhoid creams can also provide relief. If these treatments are ineffective, GI procedures including painless cautery or ligation can shrink hemorrhoids to the point where they wither away on their own. As a last resort, hemorrhoids can also be removed surgically.

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