Getting Answers to Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation, irritation or infection of the stomach lining. Symptoms of this common gastrointestinal (GI) condition include nausea or recurrent stomachaches, abdominal bloating and pain, indigestion, a burning sensation in the stomach between meals or at night, hiccups, and vomiting blood or a dark material resembling coffee grounds. Gastritis can be caused by a variety of irritants, including excessive alcohol consumption, medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, stress, and infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Infection with Helicobacter pylori, a microbe that lives in the mucous lining of the stomach, is one of the most common bacterial causes of gastritis. Untreated, gastritis can increase the risk of developing ulcers and stomach cancer. We diagnose and treat gastritis utilizing state-of-the-art procedures and therapies.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastritis

Onset of gastritis can occur after major injury, surgery, severe infection, or as a result of many commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications known as NSAIDs. Weight loss surgery involving banding or digestive tract reconstruction can also cause gastritis. Symptoms and severity vary from person to person, and some affected individuals may remain asymptomatic. Gastritis may be acute, and have a sudden onset, or it may be chronic, and cause ongoing discomfort. Left untreated, chronic gastritis typically does not resolve on its own. Diagnosis of gastritis is based on a combination of physical evaluation, medical history, and tests including upper endoscopy and biopsy. Treatments include taking antacids (H2-blockers, Proton-pump Inhibitors), antibiotics, and diet modification aimed at avoiding foods that can trigger gastritis. Most people respond quickly to therapy. If you have gastritis or other GI disorder, get state-of-the-art care now at our modern endoscopy facility and GI practice.

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